About Ponce Bank

Ponce Bank, an American banking institution with community spirit, opened for business in March 1960.  Today, Ponce Bank maintains branch locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Union City (New Jersey).

A Bank with Community Spirit

Our Bank has earned a reputation for serving the needs of our communities by emphasizing the importance of personal banking and by promoting local economic development. We employ a highly qualified and professional staff and offer a wide variety of products and services designed to meet the needs our customers and our communities. We place a strong emphasis on thrift and home ownership.

We are a well-capitalized bank with a strong management team, always striving to provide the best service with efficiency, convenience and courtesy. We use advances in technology to simplify routine transactions and facilitate home banking. We offer various deposit and loan products that are designed to meet the needs of most everyone. We are customer-driven and are committed and ready to provide quality and reliable service to all people in the communities we serve.

Ponce Bank has invested in training our employees in leadership, sales and credit. We fill vacancies through internal promotions whenever possible. We believe in educating our employees to master the core principals of banking and foster customers’ successes by delivering to them the quality products and services they seek, and in turn encouraging long-term banking relationships.

We are honored to serve our communities and will be honored to serve you.

ponce bank born in The Bronx in 1960