2023: Bronx Voted Marcus Solis Best Local TV Reporter!

Marcus Solis

Marcus Solis, a Bronx native and distinguished member of the ABC7 WABC News Team, shines as the quintessential local TV reporter. With an innate connection to the borough, Solis brings authenticity and a deep understanding to his reporting. His compelling storytelling and unwavering dedication to truth have established him as the go-to source for Bronx news. From the streets where he was born to the global stage at ABC7, Solis’s journalistic prowess and genuine commitment to his community solidify him as the Bronx’s finest, ensuring that every story is told with integrity and the genuine voice of a hometown reporter.

2022: Bronx Voted Shirleen Allicot Best Local TV Reporter!

Shirleen Allicot

Shirleen Allicot is a co-anchor of Eyewitness News this Morning and Eyewitness News at Noon on ABC 7. Prior to joining the team at ABC 7, she was a co-anchor Action News at 4 on WPVI and Action News at 10 on WPHL in Philadelphia and has reported for News 12 Connecticut, News 12 Long Island, and News 12 the Bronx. She has covered a variety of topics over the years, including Hurricane Sandy, the Boston Marathon bombings,and the 2018 Royal Wedding, and has personally interviewed First Lady Michelle Obama. Though Shirleen is a Queens native, it was in the Bronx where she really honed her skills as a reporter by shooting, writing, and editing her stories on her own.