2023: Bronx Voted Brewski’s Bar & Grill Best Whiskey Bar!

Brewski’s Bar & Grill
3718 E Tremont Ave
(718) 684-2900 – brewskistogo.com

Go old school and ask for Jack Daniels or Cutty Sark. Ask the knowledgeable bartender what Irish whiskey, Scotch whiskey, or Bourbon whiskey are poured at Brewski’s Bar & Grill and order the drink for yourself. Local connoisseurs know they can get a tasteful of their favorite harmonious spirits at this local haunt. Why not make your way into the comfy bar and start testing your palette for something more grown-up, unique, and complex in flavors? Discerning drinkers know when they’ve landed in the Holy Grail of sought-after whiskeys. Brewski’s is the kind of place where you might jump on the trend and settle into a new whiskey night-out habit.

2022: Bronx Voted Bronx Alehouse Best Whiskey Bar!

Bronx Alehouse
216 W 238th St
(718) 601-0204 – bronxalehouse.com

When you’re looking to unwind from a long day, grab a whiskey at Bronx Alehouse. Though known for their beer list, Bronx Alehouse has quickly become a go-to place for Bronxites to enjoy a glass or two of whiskey. The bar has plenty of varieties of whiskey to choose from, so whether you’re a whiskey drinking newbie or a seasoned pro, you can find something that you’ll like. If you want to get a little bit fancy, Bronx Alehouse’s cocktail menu includes the Peach Smash, which is made up of Daviess County Bourbon, peach puree, peach schnapps, lemon juice, & simple syrup, and is a great, refreshing drink for whiskey lovers everywhere.