2023: Bronx Voted DigitizeTV Best Website Based Business!

3170 E Tremont Ave
(718) 500-4609 – digitizetv.com/home

Bringing a wealth of 25 years of experience in website development, online advertising, and digital expertise to the forefront, DigitizeTV proudly stands as the premier web-based business in the Bronx. With an unwavering focus on the small business owner, juggling multiple roles, DigitizeTV offers tailored solutions that align with both business needs and budget constraints. Recognizing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, they embark on a collaborative journey, working closely with each individual to ensure their digital presence reflects the essence of their business. A simple text is all it takes for DigitizeTV to seamlessly update menu boards, offering a hassle-free solution that keeps businesses in the Bronx at the forefront of the digital realm. Choose DigitizeTV for a personalized, budget-friendly approach that empowers small businesses to thrive online.

2022: The Bronx Voted DigitizeTV Best Website Based Business!

(718) 500-4609 – digitizetv.com

DigitizeTV has been named the Bronx’s number one website-based business! The digital menu board service is easy and fast with your new menu going live in only five minutes. You won’t have to learn anything with their easy plug and play signage and you can make changes, simply by sending a text. It doesn’t get much easier than DigitizeTV, that’s a promise!