2023: Bronx Voted Wicked Wolf Best Wait Service!

Wicked Wolf
4029 E Tremont Ave
(718) 829-4400 – wickedwolfbronx.com

At Wicked Wolf in the Bronx, it’s not just about the exceptional cuisine; it’s the unparalleled service that sets this establishment apart. With the best wait staff in the borough, dining at Wicked Wolf becomes an experience where hospitality takes center stage. What makes the wait staff at Wicked Wolf exceptional? It’s the perfect blend of attentiveness, warmth, and genuine passion for ensuring every guest feels like a VIP. From recommendations that cater to individual tastes to the seamless orchestration of your dining experience, the wait staff transforms each visit into a memorable occasion. Their dedication goes beyond just delivering your order; it’s about curating an atmosphere where patrons feel welcome, valued, and part of the Wicked Wolf family. For those seeking not only a culinary delight but an overall exceptional dining experience in the Bronx, Wicked Wolf stands out not just for its delectable dishes but for the unbeatable service that makes every visit extraordinary.

2022: Bronx Voted Burger Time Best Wait Service!

Burger Time
1080 Morris Park Ave
(718) 239-6210 – .burgertimebronx.com

You’re in for a good time at Burger Time. With friendly staff serving up delicious American eats, you are sure to leave with plans to come back. With a menu loaded with burgers, beer, fries and milkshakes, there is something for the whole family to love. They are sure to have your new favorite burger as they offer a wide variety of uniques styles.