2022: The Bronx Voted Bowlerland Best Video Arcade!

2417 Hollers Ave
(718) 994-8700facebook.com

The feeling of the ball hitting the pins, and hearing and seeing them fall down, is deeply gratifying. We’ve all felt that instantaneous reward—it’s about control and chaos. You’re the reason that bowling ball is traveling down that lane, at that speed, hitting the pond in that way. Perfect your form at Video Arcade Bowlerland! Did you know sports psychologists sometimes refer to bowling as among the most satisfying of sports? Find out why at this local place to meet up with friends take your family, or join a league to enjoy a weekly game that is satisfying thanks to these four factors: experience of mastery, sense of autonomy, purpose, and relatedness to others. Video Arcade is just the right relaxed environment, where spacious lanes, a dedicated owner and staff, and everyone around you seems to be having fun, making practicing to be a better bowler the best time you’ll have all week!


Chuck E. Cheese (National Winner)
1816 E Gun Hill Rd
(718) 671-2240 – chuckecheese.com

Anyone that’s been to a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party remembers that nobody leaves without having a blast! The hallmark video arcade perfected the gaming experience from 40 years in business. Chuck E. Cheese’s is by far the best birthday party planner for young ones. Any parent that’s done their own parties for kiddos knows the luxury of having Chuck E. Cheese’s plan it for them. After the food and cake, rides, and entertainment, you will find most party guests in the video arcade. The one here is unparalleled in terms of diverse ways for kids, and their parents, to play to their heart’s content and never want to leave. Ask the best gamers around you to know where they learned to play and no doubt they will mention this epic arcade. From high-tech video games to skill games and everything in between, they’ve got your kid’s favorite games for every age!