2022: Bronx Voted The Healthy Kitchen Best Veggie Burger!

The Healthy Kitchen
1135c Morris Park Ace
(718) 823-5200 – healthykitchenny.com

No two restaurants make veggie burgers the same and it’s the hallmark of The Health Kitchen that you’re unlikely to enjoy it from some other kitchen once you’ve tried theirs. The meat alternative aptly called the Veggie Burger served with sweet potato fries is a sensation at this nutritious restaurant because they are done right. The eatery’s version exemplifies all the things we love in a great meatless burger. They taste great with varying enjoyable textures, from a variety of fresh vegetables prepared in a savory way to taste terrific, but have that important combination of chewy, nutty, and hearty texture, that gives the dish its burger name. So next time you crave a burger without the meat, take yourself to an eatery that serves a veggie burger like no other.