2023: Bronx Voted Aéropostale Best Tween Fashion Store!

200 Baychester Ave
(718) 320-0124 – aeropostale.com/storedetails

Located inside the Mall at Bay Plaza, Aeropostale in the Bronx is where families take their tween children to shop for clothes. Kids around ages 8 to 16 will find clothing and accessories that fit their generation’s trends at affordable prices. Aeropostale is always the hot spot during back-to-school and holiday seasons, two of the most popular times to buy tweens new jeans, sweaters, gym outfits, T-shirts, hats, jewelry, and more. The store is always evolving and keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. It’s no wonder Bronxites have voted Aeropostale as the best tween fashion store in the borough.

2022: Bronx Voted Forever 21 Best Tween Fashion Store!

Forever 21
272 Baychester Ave Suite 120 – 121
(718) 530-7353 – locations.forever21.com/us/stores/ny/bronx/272-bayche-suiter-ave

Young fashionable shoppers love going to the well-known tween fashion store Forever 21. Here is where they say they can clean up on a reasonable budget to outfit a wardrobe that says they have great taste and style. This local retail giant is pristine with an easy-going vibe. A tween fashion story needs to cater to what’s vogue and do it with plenty of options. This store does that well and to Top-40 music that makes staple or special wardrobe shopping seem effortless and actually fun. Does your pre-teen need a fun or dress-up look? The oversize, cropped, long, and short cardigan sweaters, button-down tops, high-waisted trousers, midi skirts, wide or straight-leg jeans, and short dresses here cover most tastes and trends.

Up the presentation for a party with a sequin top for your night out. The clothing is organized and pleasantly displayed thanks to a robust staff always visible on the floor making sure the place runs smoothly, and everything is in its place. Try stuff on and receive support from a member of the sales staff both visible and eager to assist you in a helpful and courteous way.