2022: Bronx Voted Stephen Ritz – Green Bronx Machine Best Teacher!

Stephen Ritz – Green Bronx Machine
3935 Blackstone Ave 12g
(917) 873-6449 – www.stephenritz.com

Did you know Stephen Ritz loves arugula and bok choy? One of his students says they’re most happy when they’re in his classroom. You will be too if you’re lucky enough to be taught by this educator, administrator, and founder of Green Bronx Machine. Ritz is the kind of instructor that exudes excitement seeing students learn and grow. He espouses an ideal that they should be able to stay local to learn, thrive and succeed academically. And they do. His background as someone that helped students achieve personal and academic success makes him an apt leader of his own well-regarded enterprise that aspires to reclaim and rebuild the Bronx while helping young minds to learn to their best potential. His enthusiasm for working with his students that grow, eat and love their vegetables while improving their academic performance is among the many reasons parents you might ask about Stephen Ritz will laud this remarkable educator.