2022: Bronx Voted Muscle Maker Grill Best Sweet Potato Fries!

Muscle Maker Grill
4041 E Tremont Ave
(718) 822-6991 – musclemakergrill.com

Sometimes you’re having a burger and you’re tired of the same old French fries side. One of the options is sweet potato fries and the best place for them in the Bronx, according to those who voted in our poll, as well as online Yelp reviewers, is Muscle Maker Grill. Like all its menu items, including the grass-fed beef burgers and alternative burger options, the sweet potato served up to the restaurant’s customers is a healthier version of a mainstream favorite food that tastes great and makes it easy, affordable and enjoyable to eat healthy. Unlike French fries and even what the menu item’s own name implies, the sweet potato fries at Muscle Maker Grill aren’t fried at all. They’re baked, making them a “guilt free” alternative that is “packed with flavor and health benefits,” the company says. So when your answer to the question “Fries with that?” is sweet potato fries, Muscle Maker Grill is where you want to go.