2022: The Bronx Voted Dugout Sporting Goods Best Sporting Goods Store!

Dugout Sporting Goods
1211 Castle Hill Ave
(718) 823-0266 – facebook.com

Ask around and you might find someone that remembers getting their first baseball mitt from Dugout Sporting Goods. The store is an absolute must for anything in the sporting department. Clientele laud the entire staff for being professional and boast they’ve found that reliable sports supply outlet in the city that stocks all the gear young athletes need to play. Go in for football cleats for your son because they are sold out everywhere except else here. The littlest T-ball player and your varsity star athlete can both find what they need to enjoy their sport at this store! It has a reputation for high marks in customer service. The area’s coaches know this and make Dugout Sporting Goods a top choice when it’s time to order custom team shirts. Choose from an array of fabrics and designs. A courteous sales member will enjoy working with you to make your young athletes step out on the field looking like winners. They take pride in their customers at Dugout Sporting Good, a vibe that will bring you back in for years to come!