2022: Bronx Voted The MJ Treatment Spa & Wellness. Best Skin Care!

The MJ Treatment Spa & Wellness.
3000 Bronx Park East, Suite 1
(347) 974-1055 – www.themjtreatment.com

MJ Treatment Spa & Wellness took home the best skin care in the Bronx prize this year. The the spa there are five beautiful treatment rooms, each influenced by the five elements of Chinese Medicine. At MJ Treatment Spa & Wellness, experts believe a holistic approach can help clients achieve optimal wellness and balance. Thinking of the body as a whole can give clients the support they need to manage their mood changes, skin conditions and restore their energy levels. MJ Treatment Spa & Wellness offers a wide range of treatments, including massages, facials, body scrubs and mud wraps, detox, waxing, Reiki, spa parties, belly & body casting and much more. Don’t forget to book your appointment at the spa for the best skin care in the Bronx!