2023: Bronx Voted Artie’s Steak & Seafood Best Seafood Restaurant!

Artie’s Steak & Seafood
394 City Island Ave
(718) 885-9885 – artiescityisland.com

For a seafood selection that’s out of this world, Bronxites go to Artie’s Steak & Seafood. The restaurant’s menu reflects a commitment to excellence, featuring premium steaks, fresh seafood, and Italian-inspired delicacies. There is a wide array of fried, grilled, broiled, and blackened seafood to choose from, including clam bake, salmon, snapper, jambalaya, jumbo shrimp, lobster, and much more. Artie’s Steak & Seafood even offers platters and surf and turf so you never have to choose just one. Freshly cooked to perfection, Artie’s Steak & Seafood never disappoints when it comes to its fish, and that’s why patrons have voted it the best seafood restaurant in the Bronx.

2022: The Bronx Voted Tony’s Pier Best Seafood Restaurant!

Tony’s Pier
1 City Island Ave
(718) 885-1424 – tonyspiercityisland.com

Tony’s Pier Restaurant is a 276-seat, cash-only seafood restaurant offering items such as fried shrimp platters, steamers, and crab clusters. Bar has an inexpensive selection of pina coladas. Open seven days a week, Sunday to Thursday from 11:30am to 11:30pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 12:00am. Tony’s Pier classic menu of clams, oysters, lobster and fried shrimp, flounder, calamari, scallops and all things from out of the sea (along with burgers and chicken, just in case). Diners have their choice of outdoor or indoor cafeteria-style seating at this casual eatery; either option offers views of the water, just a stone’s throw away.