2023: Bronx Voted Bronx Children’s Museum Best School Principal!

Bronx Children’s Museum
1960 Benedict Ave
(718) 828-7301 – excellencecommunityschools.org/bronx-1

Co-working is the hallmark at Bronx Collab. Networking is a worthwhile reason you would prefer to book a remote working space over getting your job done in a coffee shop. A cafe office simulation cannot deliver a cohesive sense of business community like the entrepreneurial aim of Bronx Collab. The business is focused on building an independent worker community for its own success but also for professionals. The space makes clients feel instantly a sense of energy among like-minded career folks. Small and large businesses know spending time at the networking group of Bronx Collab is how they can collaborate, set new goals, and trade novel ideas to create success for everyone. Being part of an entrepreneurial community means so much when it’s available in the great city where you also live. There’s nothing better than feeling a belonging in a community of business professionals who share your ideals of co-working among other co-workers.

2022: Bronx Voted Bronx High School of Science Best School Principal!

Bronx High School of Science
75 W 205th St
(718) 817-7700 – www.bxscience.edu

An admired professional whose devotion to social-emotional learning draws accolades is one way to describe the school principal of Bronx High School. She takes the helm in a supportive and energetic way with a desire to motivate the talented student body at Bronx Science. M. Rachel Hoyne came on board wanting to bring explicit social-emotional learning programs for incoming students. The enthusiastic administrator didn’t mince words when she took the role in 2020. When asked about her goals by local media, she talked about supporting every student from all identities and experiences She lauded diversity as the strength of the student body as a whole, applauding the many chemists, athletes, mathematician debaters, history buffs, and others. Hoyne exudes excitement and is admired for that attribute among many students and parents who will say once they meet her for the first time, or come away from a conversation any time, she’s a bright, interested, and innovative school leader.