2023: Bronx Voted Battaglia’s Market Best Sausage and Peppers Sandwich!

Battaglia’s Market
2503 Eastchester Rd
(718) 655-7413 – battagliasmarket.com

There is something selective about the red and green peppers, along with onion and garlic piled onto the southern Italian specialty of a sausage and peppers sandwich at Battaglia’s Market. Homemade chicken or pork sausage is the main event nestled inside a crusty roll. This store’s version of the classic hand-held feast is so satisfying you’ll want to talk about it when you get home. The genial food service pros take special pride in assembling the artisan meal that tells you this neighborhood staple is your new forever sausage and pepper sandwich maker. The Southern Italian spicy, sweet, and savory staple made with Battaglia’s fennel sausage is too good to keep a secret so hurry in and bring some friends. Order up the sandwiches and settle down for a spell. Everyone will thank you.

2022: Bronx Voted Mike Deli Best Sausage and Peppers Sandwich!

Mike Deli
2344 Arthur Ave
(718) 295-5033 – arthurave.com

As all fans of the sandwich know, a great sausage and peppers hero must contain high-quality, delicious Italian sausage, fresh and tasty bread, and perfectly sauteed peppers and (despite the name not even including it) onions. The version featuring sweet Italian sausage that is served up at Mike’s Deli inside the famous Arthur Avenue Retail Market succeeds on all those criteria, as many online reviewers and repeat customers point out. In addition to the traditional hero, customers can opt for their sausage and peppers on a roll, on Focaccia, as a platter or family style. “For my meal I ordered the sausage and peppers as a platter,” one rave online review says, adding: “It was delicious! The peppers and onions had such a nice char on them. The sweet sausage was great! There was so much sausage in my dish … not complaining at all!” What more needs to be said?