2023: Bronx Voted Frankie & Johnnie’s Pine Restaurant Best Salad!

Frankie & Johnnie’s Pine Restaurant
1913 Bronxdale Avenue
(718) 792-5956 – fjpine.com

Frankie & Johnnie’s Pine Restaurant boasts the Bronx’s finest salads, a testament to Francesco Bastone’s culinary mastery and homage to traditional Southern Italian, specifically Calabrese, fare. Since 1969, the restaurant has become a celebrated landmark, attracting celebrities and locals alike. Their salad selection epitomizes freshness and flavor, blending old-world charm with modern elegance. The Simple House salad offers a crisp medley of tomatoes, julienne carrots, olives, and cucumbers with house vinaigrette, embodying simplicity and taste at $9. For a vibrant explosion of flavors, the Tri-Color Chicken combines grilled chicken breast, radicchio, endive, arugula, apples, red onions, walnuts, and crumbled gorgonzola at $15. Frankie & Johnnie’s Pine Restaurant, a true Bronx gem, invites you to enjoy excellence in every bite.

2022: Bronx Voted The Healthy Kitchen Best Salad!

The Healthy Kitchen
1135c Morris Park Avenue
(718) 823-5200 – healthykitchenny.com

Is it Tex-Mex that makes you feel satisfied? Try one at The Healthy Kitchen. The grilled chicken, corn, black beans, and low-fat mozzarella, and guacamole with a light dressing will fix that. Or perhaps the Full House Salad with Cajun chicken, tomato, cucumber, and mushrooms with a light vinaigrette is an apt way to eat a healthy meal. A Mediterranean salad with generous scoops of delicious hummus is oh-so-satisfying. Cucumbers, feta cheese, red onion with raspberry dressing is sensational. Never leave hungry when you dine on delicious appetizing, delectable, flavorful, luscious, pungent, savory salad from this one-of-a-kind healthy meal of greens.