2023: Bronx Voted Dallas BBQ COOP City Best Ribs!

Dallas BBQ COOP City
2160 Bartow Ave
(718) 320-8800 – dallasbbq.com/co-op-city

Dallas BBQ Co-op City is what voters chose as the best ribs in the Bronx. Renowned citywide for its Chicken & Ribs, BBQ, burgers, and wings, Dallas BBQ takes the trophy for its mouth watering hot ribs, sticky ribs, and the uniquely flavorful Hennessy Ribs. Nestled at 2160 Bartow Ave.,, this casual, affordable, and incredibly fun establishment not only caters to carnivorous cravings but surprises with a plethora of healthy options for the discerning palate. Open for dine-in, take-out, and delivery, Dallas BBQ Co-op City ensures that the savory symphony of its ribs is accessible to all, making it a true Bronx gem. dallasbbq.com/co-op-city

2022: Bronx Voted Barbecue Pit Best Ribs!

Barbecue Pit
5788 Mosholu Ave
(718) 601-2400 – barbequepitbronx.com

The Barbecue Pit is eclectic eatery with juicy, tender ribs that are bursting with flavor. Choose from a half or whole rack of spare ribs or baby back ribs, or get three ribs with mashed potatoes, corn or macaroni and cheese with the mini meal option. Every dish is handmade by Rani Vaswani, who learned to cook in the Indian restaurants her family once ran in Manhattan. Vaswani’s barbeque and eastern fusion cuisine is all prepared with fresh ingredients, and diners can watch their meals being prepared in the open kitchen. Vaswani shops for ingredients every morning before prepping the day’s meals to ensure the freshest quality.