2023: Bronx Voted BeBe Soundz Studios Best Recording Studio!

BeBe Soundz Studios
300 E Tremont Ave
(929) 393-0516 – instagram.com/bebesoundz_llc

Your polished performance deserves outstanding acoustics like you’ll find at BeBe Soundz Studios. The recording studio boasts great gear for tracking to give you optimal performance from high-end speakers. Some studios will have a 5.1 surround sound mixing facility for movies as well. You want to preserve your talent at a professional place where a three-hour session is supported by the polished vibe of recording technicians seasoned in producing the city’s best performers. Enjoy your time among these supportive people in a clean and comfortable space outfitted with high-quality mics and stands musicians can rely upon to convey top-quality professional sound.

2022: Bronx Voted Music Lab Studio Best Recording Studio!

Music Lab Studio
1066A Zerega Ave
(929) 530-9242 – musiclabstudios.business.site

If you’re looking for a place to record a demo, podcast or anything in between, Music Lab Studio is your best bet in the Bronx. The studio boasts a clean, professional environment that is ideal for recording whatever your heart desires. Music Lab Studio has high quality recording equipment so you can ensure that you have the most crisp, clear sound on your recording. Plus, the studio is open from 9 a.m. to midnight every day, so you find the time in your schedule that works best to head over to the studio and record your professional track. So don’t wait, check out Music Lab Studio as soon as possible!