2023: Bronx Voted Elite Perfection Bronx Home Inspection Best Real Estate Inspectors! (Tie)

Elite Perfection Bronx Home Inspection
(516) 369-0441 – eliteperfectioninspection.com

Elite Perfection Bronx Home Inspection has become a cornerstone for homebuyers and sellers in the Bronx. This trusted inspection service is renowned for its unwavering commitment to thoroughness and precision. Led by a team of seasoned inspectors boasting 20-plus years of experience, Elite Perfection utilizes cutting-edge technology to meticulously examine every aspect of a property. Their comprehensive services encompass structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and more, ensuring a detailed evaluation for clients. The team at Elite Perfection prioritizes clear communication, empowering clients with a nuanced understanding of their property’s condition. Whether conducting pre-purchase inspections or pre-listing evaluations, Elite Perfection Bronx Home Inspection stands as a reliable guide, contributing to informed and seamless real estate transactions. Their extensive experience makes them an invaluable asset in the Bronx community, offering not just inspections but peace of mind and confidence in property decisions.

2023: Bronx Voted House Checkup Home Inspections Best Real Estate Inspectors! (Tie)

House Checkup Home Inspections
2741 Miles Ave
(347) 838-5066 – housecheckupny.com

House Checkup Home Inspections is your trusted partner in ensuring the integrity of your home investment. With a commitment to excellence and thoroughness, this inspection service provides a meticulous examination of every aspect of your property. Led by a team of seasoned inspectors with extensive industry experience, House Checkup utilizes advanced technology to deliver comprehensive reports that empower clients with vital information for their real estate decisions. From evaluating structural components to assessing electrical systems, plumbing, and more, House Checkup’s range of services ensures a comprehensive understanding of your property’s condition. The team prides itself on clear communication, fostering an informed and confident experience for clients. Whether you’re a buyer seeking a pre-purchase inspection or a seller preparing for a listing, House Checkup Home Inspections stands as a reliable guide, contributing to a smooth and informed real estate transaction process. Trust in their expertise to safeguard your home investment with precision and care.

2022: Bronx Voted Bronx Home Inspection, Inc. Best Real Estate Inspectors!

Bronx Home Inspection, Inc.
64 Metropolitan Oval
(718) 675-9958 – www.nypropertyinspection.com/web/index.php?siteid=740&pageid=5387

Bronx Home Inspections, Inc. provide home inspections services for real estate buyers in addition to termite inspections. Sharif Islam vows to guide his clients through all the intricacies of the home and not leave any stone unturned on the buyer’s behalf. He walks clients through the issues the home might have and how they can be solved or will pose costly issues later. Clients said he often goes above and beyond in his reports providing energy-saving methods and maintenance recommendations.