2023: Bronx Voted Bowlerland Best Pool Hall!

2417 Hollers Ave
(718) 994-8700 – facebook.com/bowlerland

Step out of your bowling shoes and into the pool lounge at Bowlerland with friends. Suggest a coworker meetup or weekend gathering to show off your inner pool shark. The pool hall is a highlight at the bowling alley that draws people from all over the borough looking for a casual night out to test their play strategies and enjoy competition. A polished pool performance helps bring people together to share some fun and trade tips to improve their skills. Improve your cognitive skills thanks to the game’s requirement to be good at focus and hand-eye coordination. Your brain gets a nice workout while selecting and comparing pockets and routes for your ball and predicting your opponent’s next move all involving well-thought-out force, speed, and impact making the game of pool an exciting one to play. Bowlerland has become a venue to practice these important skills while having fun and enjoying an adult night out with friends.

2022: The Bronx Voted Gun Post Lanes Best Pool Hall!

Gun Post Lanes
1215 E Gun Hill Rd
(718) 881-0331facebook.com

Kids, teens, and adults that love a pool hall will tell you that there’s a gem of one at Gun Post Lanes. Visualize, strategize, and energize by showing off off your problem-solving capabilities in a friendly pool match at this pool hall. Go in to practice, practice practice before the next family gathering, or meet up with college friends and old roommates. Dust off your shooting skills and crush your opponent in a friendly square-off! Hone a distracting new trick and perfect your artistic skill in a game where everyone can learn to be a champ while having fun, making new friends, and bonding with the old ones. Gun Post Lanes truly is the perfect family-oriented establishment to enjoy a game of pool for all skills and ages!