2022: Bronx Voted Kingsbridge Social Club Best Pizza!

Kingsbridge Social Club
3625 Kingsbridge Ave
(347) 346-5180 – kingsbridgesocialclub.com

“Great eats and neighborhood vibes” is an apt tagline for Kingsbridge Social Club. Its hallmark? You guessed it. Pizza. The wood-fired pies get major props from patrons. It’s been said an evening out at Kingsbridge puts a smile on your face. Every single person in this restaurant seems to be enjoying themselves some say. The patrons at the bar, at the tables, and the employees seem happy. Rumors say even the guy delivering the beer was smiling and laughing when he came in with his drop-off. The Kingsbridge Avenue location is conveniently located between Manhattan College and Van Cortland Park. This friendly, hip, happy, down-to-earth, everyone-feels-welcome kind of place is a sensation. An array of sensational pizzas and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients and served to a musical backdrop will put a smile on your face the next time you need to hunker down with friends for an enjoyable get-together and delicious meal.