2023: Bronx Voted Dr. Sapna Prabhakaran, MD Best Pediatrician!

Dr. Sapna Prabhakaran, MD
2016 Bronxdale Ave #203
(718) 547-0700

Choosing the right pediatrician is an important decision for parents, and Dr. Sapna Prabhakaran is who voters have chosen as the best the Bronx. Graduating from St. George’s University School of Medicine in 2006 and completing her residency at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Dr. Prabhakaran’s extensive education and training underscore her expertise in pediatrics. With a commitment to children’s health, she works in multiple locations and is affiliated with St Barnabas Hospital, ensuring accessible and comprehensive care for young patients. Recognizing the importance of finding a pediatrician who aligns with family values and offers compassionate, expert care, Dr. Prabhakaran stands out as the best pediatrician in the Bronx, providing parents with confidence and peace of mind in their crucial choice for their children’s well-being.

2022: Bronx Voted Riverdale Pediatrics, PC Best Pediatrician!

Riverdale Pediatrics, PC
2600 Netherland Ave #120
(718) 796-3580 – www.riverdalepeds.com

Children come first at Riverdale Pediatrics as doctors and patients work together to provide the best possible care for kids. They are committed to providing compassionate medical care to children from birth to adolescense and making their office convenient and accessible for all families. Their team of professionals strive to equip families with the resources and support needed to make the informed decisions on their child’s health.