2022: Bronx Voted Prime Party Rentals Inc Best Party and Event Rentals! (Tie)

Prime Party Rentals Inc
(646) 549-7111 – www.instagram.com/primepartyrent

Whether for your wedding ceremony, bridal party or other celebration setting the tone with the right decor can be challenging. With custom equipment and decorations, Prime Party Rentals Inc. can help you pick the right decor and help you set the mood for your event. Providing garlands, balloons, drapes and more, Prime Party Rentals works with you to make sure you have everything for your event. Make sure you have everything you need, including a timely pick-up and drop-off with services and decor provided by Prime Party Rentals.

2022: Bronx Voted Partopia Party Rental Best Party and Event Rentals! (Tie)

Partopia Party Rental
1601 E Gun Hill Rd
(718) 708-6118 – partopiarental.com

Wedding planning takes a lot of attention to detail, and with party rentals at Partopia Rentals, you can be sure to get all the supplies you need! Partopia provides any luxurious party rental equipment you may need to make your day perfect including but not limited to different lines of dinnerware, flatware, wine selections, goblets, champagne flutes, tents, canopies and much more. Reliable and timely pick ups and drop offs of supplies are available with your Partopia rentals as well! Take your wedding to the next level with beautiful party supplies from Partopia!