2023: Bronx Voted Bronx Park Best Park!

Bronx Park
Bronx Park
(718) 430-1800 – nycgovparks.org/parks/bronx-park

Discover the allure of Bronx Park, an oasis within the Bronx that unfolds as a haven of natural beauty and biodiversity. Home to a rich tapestry of plants and wildlife, the park’s expansive outdoor space along the Bronx River and within its forests creates a captivating environment. This hidden gem in the heart of New York City offers a vastness and ecological variety that sets it apart. The Bronx River, coursing through a two-mile stretch within a deep gorge, provides not only scenic vistas but also a habitat for diverse invertebrates, fish, and birds. Beyond its role as the backdrop for the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Park beckons with countless opportunities for recreation, inviting visitors to explore its lush trails, witness the wonders of nature, and partake in the serenity of this urban retreat.

2022: The Bronx Voted Ferry Point Park Best Park!

Ferry Point Park
10 Hutchinson River Pkwy
(212) 639-9675 – nycgovparks.org

Two bridges, the Manhattan skyline, and some of the best East River views make Ferry Point Park an important stop for local families and visitors to Throggs Neck. Many a passerby has gotten off the Hutchinson River Parkway to absorb some of this prime one-and-one-half mile waterfront New York real estate. If you’re looking for spectacular views, a leisurely walk in the park with your sweetheart, or a place to jog, bike or walk your dog, head over to this expansive Bronx park to while some hours away outdoors! The park also has a 9/11 memorial of blooming trees, fishing, barbecue areas, soccer leagues on weekends, and plenty of grassy areas for a respite from urban life.