2023: Bronx Voted North American Partners in Anesthesia & Pain Management Best Pain Management Services!

North American Partners in Anesthesia & Pain Management

North American Partners in Anesthesia is the unparalleled leader in pain managements services, according to voters, offering a comprehensive and end-to-end solution for acute and chronic pain. Leveraging their extensive experience as a trusted anesthesia provider and business advisor, NAPA excels in ensuring patient safety, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and maximizing value for healthcare facilities. In the surgical realm, their anesthesia clinicians prioritize individualized treatment plans, employing innovative quality improvement measures such as ERAS protocols and regional anesthesia solutions while actively reducing opioid use. Beyond surgery, NAPA’s collaboration with ProCare Pain Solutions enables a broad spectrum of services for chronic pain management, demonstrating a commitment to efficient, compassionate, and innovative pain care within the community.

2022: Bronx Voted Sayed E. Wahezi, MD, MD Best Pain Management Services!

Sayed E. Wahezi, MD, MD
111 E 210th St
(718) 920-7246 – www.montefiore.org/doctors#/details/1144349796

Anyone with chronic pain knows how debilitating it can be. That is why having access to a caring, compassionate, and talented pain management doctor can make all the difference. On top of Dr. Wahezi’s specialty in rehabilitative medicine, he is also an associate professor in Anesthesiology and can be found at Montefiore Medical Center on East 210th Street.