2023: Bronx Voted Eye Care Unlimited Best Optometrist!

Eye Care Unlimited
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Eye Care Unlimited is the best optometrist in the Bronx. Offering a comprehensive array of services, including state-of-the-art screenings, prescription lenses, and designer eyewear, Eye Care Unlimited ensures that your eye care needs are met with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to the latest advances in the field. Specializing in dry eye solutions, their dedicated team provides relief and support, enhancing your quality of life. Comprehensive eye exams, addressing vision loss prevention and eye health, showcase their dedication to safeguarding your precious gift of sight. Expertise extends to computer vision challenges, offering solutions for the digital age. With a focus on compassionate care, Eye Care Unlimited is your trusted partner for all eye care needs, from routine check-ups to emergency situations, ensuring your eyes receive the best care possible.

2022: Bronx Voted Eye Care Unlimited Best Optometrist!

Eye Care Unlimited

From children to the elderly, patients love the caring, knowledgeable optometry team at Eye Care Unlimited — which was voted the best optometrist in the Bronx. All the clinical optometrists have extensive experience providing highly advanced, compassionate vision care for their patients — specializing in family practice optometry, glasses, contacts, dry eyes, glaucoma, lasik, low vision and a long list of subspecialties. The optometrists of Eye Care Unlimited are eager to evaluate your vision and eye health, as well as discuss the different types of eyeglasses and contact lens options to best suit your needs and desired look. Make your appointment today for the best optometrists in the borough!