2023: Bronx Voted Carvel Ice Cream Best Milkshake!

Carvel Ice Cream
560, 1 Morris Ave
(718) 402-2300 – carvelbronx.com

There’s nothing like a classic milkshake the way Carvel Ice Cream has served it for generations. Travel back to a fun-filled trip to the local Carvel to indulge in your ice cream shake fantasy. The Morris Avenue Carvel continues with the chain’s important legacy to make every sip of creamy incredible flavor with Original Soft Serve ™, the way it was first created in 1934. The shakes are a constant source of flavorful inspiration any time you think of having a treat that takes your childhood. Today these popular drinks are a staple at special events and birthday parties the borough over. A Vanilla Thick Shake is a sensational standard while a Black and White Thick Shake might be a nod to the famous cookie which we love. The best part about enjoying one of the shakes is unlike an ice cream cup or cone there’s no hurry to eat it before the ice cream melts. Savor the goodness with a straw, spoon, or large gulps but not too fast you want to experience the sweet, creamy flavors without brain freeze.

2022: Bronx Voted Burger Time Best Milkshake!

Burger Time
1080 Morris Park Ave
(718) 239-6210 – www.burgertimebronx.com

Online reviewers are crazy about the quality of the milkshakes at Burger Time. But you may just go crazy trying to figure out which of the whopping 17 flavors to order. Sure, there’s chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and even the beloved black and white mix of chocolate and vanilla for those who want to stick to the classics. But more adventurous milkshake mavens may want to opt for one of the many other options, including chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon, Dreamsicle, peanut butter, strawberry banana, coffee, coffee mocha, banana, Nutella, cookies and cream, or Butterfinger. Or one of the even more uncommon flavors: marshmallow or cannoli. One online reviewer seemed to speak for many when he labeled the milkshakes at Burger Time “yummy.””