2022: Bronx Voted Kingsbridge Social Club Best Meatball!

Kingsbridge Social Club
3625 Kingsbridge Ave
(347) 346-5180 – www.kingsbridgesocialclub.com

Kingsbride Social Club delivers on its promise for some of the best Italian food in the borough, voted this year’s top meatball spot. Located steps from the 1 train’s 238th Street Station, Kingsbridge is becoming a coveted neighborhood restaurant hideaway. Customers come out to enjoy the retro Bronx homegrown interior and familiar 80’s punk and hip hop vibe. At the Social Club our distinguished chef, Thomas Giudice, has created a menu of artisanal wood-fired pizzas and other “Italian-ish” favorites. His creations embody NYC and traditional old country Italian fare. His dough is traditionally made using only Tipo 00 flour, water, yeast, and salt – typical two-day fermentation. Our new age Pavese wood-fired oven gives this pizza, and its crust, a hybrid feel of old world Napolitano and NYC pizza.