2023: Bronx Voted George’s Diner Best Macaroni and Cheese!

George’s Diner
2369 Westchester Ave
(718) 828-1170 – georgesdinercafe.com

A rich, creamy, cheesy sauce coating each curl of pasta plated and brought out to you in the most exceptional table service style you would expect from a fine establishment is how macaroni and cheese is presented like all dishes at George’s Diner. Few mac and cheese recipes seem to be as memorable when you ask around and someone mentions the Westchester Avenue eatery. Their hearty take on the important American seems to be loved by kids and adults alike. George’s recipe of fresh various cheeses, layered in the dish melted into a steaming casserole dish. Ask someone to describe how you feel after a portion of macaroni and cheese and George’s Diner and you might hear something like warm from the inside out and comforted. That’s the power of George’s sensational side. It’s a barely-need-to-chew dish of cheesy deliciousness.

2022: Bronx Voted Con Sofrito Best Macaroni and Cheese!

Con Sofrito
1315 Commerce Ave
(212) 924-2424 – www.consofrito.com

Con Sofrito, known as a shortcut to Puerto Rico, is the place to go for warm, crunchy, gooey, cheesy, perfect macaroni and cheese. Try the classic mac and cheese or shrimp mac and cheese for a seafood lovers’ twist. This hip restaurant and bar also has brick oven-baked pizzas, empanadas and specialty drinks. Everything is “made with love as if my grandmother from Puerto Rico made it,” a customer said. With beautiful neon signs nestled in vines, flowers galore, fun music and friendly staff, there is no better atmosphere to enjoy a hot plate of mac and cheese.