2023: Bronx Voted City Island Lobster House Best Lobster Roll!

City Island Lobster House
691 Bridge St
(718) 885-1459 – cilobsterhouse.com

City Island Lobster House claims the throne for the Bronx’s best lobster roll, a culinary masterpiece that transports diners to coastal bliss. Whether savored traditionally cold or hot, each bite is a symphony of oceanic delight. The lobster roll, generously filled with succulent meat, is served with drawn butter and accompanied by perfectly crisped French fries. This iconic dish captures the essence of seaside indulgence, blending freshness and simplicity. At City Island Lobster House, the lobster roll isn’t just a meal; it’s a maritime journey that defines the pinnacle of culinary excellence in the heart of the Bronx.

2022: Bronx Voted IceHouse Cafe Best Lobster Roll!

IceHouse Cafe
140 Reynolds Ave
(718) 863-5580 – www.icehousecafebronx.com

What better way to enjoy a lobster roll than with a waterfront view? You will like the way the IceHouse Cafe “rolls,” because their lobster rolls are to die for. The rolls are large, bursting with fresh lobster, fresh and delicious and with the right price tag. Though they are typically served with mayonnaise for creamy deliciousness, they can be made without mayonnaise to your liking. The lobster rolls at the IceHouse Cafe are the “roll” model for a satisfying sandwich. They come with fries, making the perfect combination. The menu also has more lobster options for the ultimate lobster lovers.