2023: Bronx Voted ABC Training Center Best Learning Center Business! (Tie)

ABC Training Center
50 E Fordham Rd
(718) 364-6700 – abctrainingcenter.net

Critical job training in a number of important professions takes places at ABC Training Center. The adult learning center prepares people for a variety of jobs in the healthcare field, including a certified nurse aide, clinical medical assistant, home health aide, medical billing and coding, and EKG/phlebotomy technician, as well as certified professional coding courses. The training center gives people enter a new career the confidence and knowledge they need to return to the workforce. With affordable job training that gets its students working quickly, it’s no wonder Bronxites chose ABC Training Center as the best learning center in the Bronx.

2023: Bronx Voted Bronx Adult Learning Center Best Learning Center Business! (Tie)

Bronx Adult Learning Center
3450 E Tremont Ave
(718) 863-4057 – acces.nysed.gov/hse/test-center/bronx-adult-learning-center

Our most valued educational experience is led by fine teachers and that is how professionals regard their study time at Bronx Adult Learning Center. They help you get passed an area that is preventing you from going after your aspirational career goals. Education at this esteemed business learning center is highly regarded among hiring professionals. Check out the ways you can boost your ascent into a satisfactory work life by enrolling in a class at an esteemed facility that helps New Yorkers boost their confidence and gets them on the path to a better job.

2022: Bronx Voted 1199SEIU Future of America Learning Center Best Learning Center Business!

1199SEIU Future of America Learning Center
2500 Creston Ave 3rd Floor
(718) 562-2915 – www.1199seiubenefits.org/falc

Your child’s natural curiosity and academic yearning will expand exponentially when given the unique opportunity to receive childcare at the Future of America Learning Center. They will be instilled with a desire to progress, become more curious, and seek ways to expand their knowledge in all areas, learn important social and emotional skills, as well as be prepared for academics that will ensure their educational success and future. Parents around town might be heard uttering such accolades as nurturing, safe, responsive, and stimulating when you ask about the philosophy among teachers at this learning center business. The model is regarded as one to engage children of all backgrounds and foster cooperative experiences for all ages in their early learning years.