2023: Bronx Voted Pastosa Ravioli Best Jarred Pasta Sauce!

Pastosa Ravioli
3812 E Tremont Ave
(718) 822-2800 – pastosa.com/default.asp

Pastosa Ravioli, deeply rooted in New York City’s culinary heritage, takes the crown for the Bronx’s best jarred pasta sauce. A culinary maestro, Pastosa’s sauces are a symphony of rich flavors, echoing a legacy of authentic Italian craftsmanship. From the robust marinara to the creamy alfredo, every jar encapsulates the essence of fine dining. The variety, including pesto, vodka, and tomato cream with basil, caters to diverse palates. Pastosa Ravioli’s commitment to quality and tradition ensures that each sauce transforms a simple meal into a gourmet experience, making it the quintessential choice for discerning Bronx residents seeking pasta perfection.

2022: Bronx Voted Battaglia’s Market Best Jarred Pasta Sauce!

Battaglia’s Market
2503 Eastchester Rd
(718) 655-7413 – www.battagliasmarket.com

You’ll so happy to discover Battaglia’s Market the next time you just don’t have the energy or time to make the Sunday sauce from scratch. Save grandma’s recipe for an occasion and go in to pick up the jarred pasta sauce at this Little Italy-style gourmet grocer. Your family and friends won’t ask for the recipe. They’ll beg for it. But don’t withhold. Tell everyone where you got it because the good news is meant to be shared! The store is a must-try for Italian cooks and eaters borough-wide. The business is committed to making you feel like every pasta meal is a holiday sensation when you generously ladle the macaroni with Battaglia’s jarred pasta sauce. So dazzle your darlings at dinner time with a pasta meal made the Battaglia way.