2022: The Bronx Voted North Bronx Youth Sports Best Intramural League – Youth!

North Bronx Youth Sports
135 Einstein Loop N
(718) 684-4903

The North Bronx Youth Sports Association offers a complete approach to a competitive recreational experience for our neighborhood youth. The intramural league sports cover activities most young people love, from football, soccer, lacrosse, and cheerleading among them. The youth in the programs have the chance to compete in games, tournaments, and cheer competitions all over New York City. Along with a focus on recreational activity, the association incorporates an academic component to wholly serve its youth. Parents and teachers around the Bronx will mention this when you ask them why they like enrolling their kids in a North Bronx Youth Sports program. The guided sports activities environment for young people helps them improve their academic performance in school while enhancing their physical health and well-being as they hone skills to succeed in life and be part of society!