2022: The Bronx Voted Zerega Indoors “The Plex” Best Intramural League – Adult!

Zerega Indoors “The Plex”
2365 Newbold Ave
(718) 863-1670 – facebook.com

Handball, paddleball, and racquetball enthusiasts borough-wide will tell you they love to play at Adult Zerega Indoors “The Plex”! Competitors know this as the home for urban-born league indoor sports that will rev up your energy indoors, especially in the gray days of winter when all sports play moves inside. It’s a year-round luxury here. Some intramural league players have been going here for 25 years because they love the atmosphere. It’s a challenging sports facility staffed with down-to-earth coaches that make sure your playtime is fun. Bronx’s handball players may be heard gloating about the highly prized indoor courts where you can improve your game and be part of a sports community of competitive players, or sports warriors as some call it!