2023: Bronx Voted Jacobi Medical Center Best Hospital!

Jacobi Medical Center
1400 Pelham Pkwy S
(718) 918-5000 – nychealthandhospitals.org

Voters have chosen Jacobi Medical Center as the best hospital in the Bronx, and it’s easy to see why. With a commitment to compassion, dignity, and respect, Jacobi provides unparalleled medical care in a state-of-the-art setting. Renowned physicians lead critical clinical research, ensuring patients have access to the latest treatment advancements. In 2016, Jacobi showcased its dedication with impressive statistics you can find on its website. From preventive medicine to pediatric care, nutrition, vaccinations, and cutting-edge specialty services, Jacobi offers first-class care across a wide range of services and specialties. The hospital’s various clinics and centers, including the Adult Clinic, Bariatric Services, Behavioral Health, Emergency-Trauma, Pediatric Center, Pride Health Center, Surgical Specialty, WIC Program, and Women’s Health, further solidify Jacobi’s position as the Bronx’s premier healthcare institution. nychealthandhospitals.org/jacobi/about/

2022: Bronx Voted Montefiore Hospital Best Hospital!

Montefiore Hospital

The votes are in and Montefiore takes home the prize for best hospital in the Bronx this year. As the academic medical center and University Hospital for Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center is nationally recognized for clinical excellence — breaking new ground in research, training the next generation of healthcare leaders, and delivering science-driven, patient-centered care. The team at Montefiore provides coordinated, compassionate and leading-edge care designed to reach people when and where they need it most. Through highly integrated teams of physicians, nurses, social workers, mental health professionals and other caregivers, we have created an innovative, seamless system of care focused around the patient. Make Montefiore your go-to for the best care.