2022: Bronx Voted Bronx High School of Science Best High School Spirit!

Bronx High School of Science
75 W 205th St
(718) 817-7700 – www.bxscience.edu

A national scorecard gives Bronx High School of Science high marks in academic excellence but it’s the students that attend and have graduated who have given A-plus and a proverbial high-five to the institution when someone asks what high school spirit is like at the school commonly known as Bronx Science. It is well known around and outside the borough how proud students enrolled here are of their school. There are also a large variety of clubs and extracurriculars for students to thrive socially and engage in the same enthusiastic way leaning side-by-side fuels school pride. It’s easy to adopt a litany of praise for your alma mater if you have the good fortune to spend four years at this educational treasure. Whether in a classroom or engaging in sports or extra learning like Photoshop, photography, robotics, forensic sciences, or computer science, the overall education here is something to brag about beyond college and graduate school. The high school makes it possible for each individual enrolled, teachers too, to make their mark in an educational environment where singing praise to your school is an inherent part of the experience, you’ll just want to do it. Nobody exits Bronx Science without carrying its outstanding legacy.