2023: Bronx Voted Justine O’Reilly – Bronxdale High School Best Guidance Counselor!

Justine O’Reilly – Bronxdale High School
925 Astor Ave.
(718) 944-3655 x1312 – bronxdalehs.org

Justine O’Reilly is an esteemed early career guidance counselor at her alma mater which makes the Bronxdale High School graduate an ideal advocate for the students she advises. The Mercy College graduate earned her master’s in school counseling because she aspired to work in the area of human services and education. She empathizes with the teenage years knowing it brings uncertainty and frustration and carries a message of growth, promise, and hope. The ideals make O’Reilly an excellent advocate to promote the academic and career hopes of Bronxdale students as well as their social/emotional development. Justine is charged with helping young people ID their strengths and potential. Her commitment to their future is admired among her colleagues, many of whom taught her at Bronxdale High School.

2022: Bronx Voted Bronx High School of Science Best Guidance Counselor!

Bronx High School of Science
75 W 205th St
(718) 817-7700 – www.bxscience.edu

Step into the office of a guidance counselor at Bronx High School of Science and you’ll know you landed in a caring place. Try to figure out how people can be so interested in you, and you soon understand it’s part of the team that makes sure freshmen to seniors have their every step towards graduation nurtured. The professionals are regarded as amazing people who are passionate about helping each student tailor a program that will bring them to a point of achievement in college or post-college to fulfill their dreams. Your high schooler will be guided as they immerse in an exceptional academic experience that will showcase their knowledge and interests, fuel their mind, and make them breeze easily through a rigorous schedule, comfortably knowing they can count on their guidance counselor’s support.