2023: Bronx Voted Gem Pawnbrokers Best Gold Buyer!

Gem Pawnbrokers
754 Allerton Ave
(718) 881-4200 – gempawnbrokers.com

Gem Pawnbrokers in the Bronx stands as a trusted establishment, providing financial services and a unique shopping experience since its inception. Located in a vibrant community, this pawn shop, with its main office at 349 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10451, has been serving customers for decades. Beyond offering collateralized loans and buying and selling gold, jewelry, and electronics, Gem Pawnbrokers contributes to the local economy by providing accessible financial solutions. Its commitment to transparency and fair dealings has earned it a positive reputation among residents. As a long standing institution, Gem Pawnbrokers in the Bronx continues to be a reliable resource for those seeking short-term financial assistance or looking for quality items at affordable prices.

2022: The Bronx Voted Best Deal Pawnbroker Best Gold Buyer!

Best Deal Pawnbroker
183W W 231st St
(718) 432-2220 – best-deal-pawnbroker.business.site

Looking for some cold, hard cash in exchange for your gold jewelry that you haven’t worn in decades? Take it to none other than Best Deal Pawnbrokers! Offering great value for your most precious gold, diamonds, gemstones and luxury watches to residents of Riverdale since 2006, they only take your pieces as a form of collateral. Their cash loans are for four months with a one-month grace period and a low interest rate. Get the money you need fast at Best Deal Pawnbrokers!