2022: Bronx Voted Claudy’s Kitchen Best Fried Chicken!

Claudy’s Kitchen
5981 Broadway
(718) 884-7378 – www.claudys.com

When the fragrant smell of fried chicken awakens the pleasure center in your brain, your appetite is out of control. To satisfy the hunger go into Claudy’s Kitchen where trained chefs know what it means to deep-fry chicken properly, and they do it heartily, efficiently, and will enthusiasm for their hungry patrons. Chefs have some sort of secret talent. They know how to churn out a perfectly fried chicken dish. Theirs has the expected crispy-crunchy coating and tender poultry. A memorable fare, full of flavor, you are likely to take a photo to post and be asked who prepared it. When you dish, tell friends about the restaurant, it’s likely you will regale the kind people that served you here. Claudy’s employees know hospitality and great food make mealtime sensational.