2023: Bronx Voted Crosstown Diner Best French Fries!

Crosstown Diner
2880 Bruckner Blvd
(718) 597-3450 – crosstowndiner.com

Crosstown Diner elevates the art of comfort food with their irresistibly delicious french fries. A culinary delight that transcends the ordinary, these fries are a golden symphony of perfection. Imagine biting into a crisp exterior that gives way to a fluffy, piping hot interior—the epitome of fry perfection. Crosstown Diner’s dedication to quality is evident in each hand-cut potato, expertly seasoned to achieve that ideal balance of saltiness and savory goodness. Whether enjoyed as a side to a gourmet burger or as a standalone treat, these fries are a culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds. The careful preparation and attention to detail showcase Crosstown Diner’s commitment to delivering a memorable and satisfying indulgence. In the heart of the Bronx, their delicious french fries are more than a side dish; they are a testament to the culinary excellence that defines Crosstown Diner.

2022: Bronx Voted Burger Time Best French Fries!

Burger Time
1080 Morris Park Ave
(718) 239-6210 – www.burgertimebronx.com

When Bronx residents want French fries, many of them know precisely where they want to go: Burger Time, where they can opt for plain French fries, cheese fries with melted Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses, chili cheese fries with homemade chili and melted cheese, or sweet potato fries. Or – if you’re really hungry – you can select the loaded fries with Colby and Monterey Jack cheeses and bacon, served with a zesty ranch sauce. But even the plain fries aren’t so plain at Burger Time. No, they’re delicious hand cut fries and you can even add any of 10 dipping sauces to your order for a small step-up charge. Customers praise their fries in online reviews. So if you’re stopping by for one of the restaurant’s signature burgers, you’re definitely going to want to have fries with that.