2023: Bronx Voted Kingston Food Truck Best Food Truck!

Kingston Food Truck
570 Zerega Ave
(929) 288-6551 – instagram.com/kingstonfoodtruck/?hl=en

Kingston Food Truck reigns as the Bronx’s culinary gem, delivering an unrivaled experience in authentic Jamaican cuisine. This rolling delight, open 7 days a week, embarks on a daily journey, tantalizing taste buds with its changing locations. The truck’s commitment to authenticity and bold flavors transform each meal into a Caribbean escape. For the ultimate gastronomic adventure, follow Kingston Food Truck on Instagram to track its daily spot and savor the best of Jamaican culinary artistry. In the Bronx, this dynamic food truck stands as the epitome of convenience, flavor, and a culinary voyage worth embarking upon.

2022: Bronx Voted Tacos El Bronco 2 Best Food Truck!

Tacos El Bronco 2
2140 White Plains Rd
(917) 645-8720 – ordertacoselbronco2.com

Tacos El Bronco 2 took home this year’s best food truck in the Bronx award. Known for​​ its mouth-watering Mexican street cuisine, Tacos El Bronco 2 is the perfect place to get a wide array of fresh food – suadero, pollo, buche, lengua, bistec, chorizo, cabeza, and canitas — all made with the freshest ingredients to provide the best quality and taste.