2022: Bronx Voted Cosenza’s Fish Market Best Fish Market!

Cosenza’s Fish Market
2354 Arthur Ave
(718) 364-8510

Holiday chefs know to come to this fish market when it’s time to prepare something special like Zuppa di Pesce. Most customers will tell you they love going to Cosenza’s Fish Market period. The star, of course, is the quality, fresh seafood, but the vibe is also a delight, fans say. Ask for oysters and to have them shucked for you. In warmer weather go outside and go to the condiment bar. Add hot sauce and cocktail sauce then devour them as a pre-shopping snack. The seafood store carries a fresh catch of an array of foods you love. There are squid and sardines, salmon, flounder, shrimp, clams, and many more ways to create a seafood feast for your holiday or any day. What can you say about a place that takes pride in all that they do? Go in and see why Cosenza’s is so outstanding it has been called the kind of place that makes shoppers feel local pride. Some say they would never prepare a seafood feast unless it is supplied by this well-known Arthur Avenue fish market.