2023: Bronx Voted XSport Fitness Best Extreme Sports Facility!

XSport Fitness
200 Baychester Ave
(347) 338-1313 – xsportfitness.com/locations/bronx-ny-gym.aspx

Unleash the athlete within at XSport Fitness, the premier destination for extreme sports fitness in the Bronx. As one of the industry’s fastest-growing and most progressive fitness companies, XSport offers an unparalleled array of options, ensuring boredom never hinders your fitness journey. Dive into the power of group energy, from Aqua to Zumba™, and discover a new level of motivation. For those craving an intense workout experience, XSport’s Group Training is the answer. Whether it’s the calorie-scorching X-IT Interval Training or the power-packed punch of X-Fight, these sessions guarantee results. X-IT combines heart-strengthening HIIT, resistance, and functional training, eliminating guesswork from your routine. With the IGNITE program, kickstart your body, sculpt the best version of yourself, and stay lean, all while the Heart Rate monitoring system ensures precision in every workout. XSport Fitness: where extreme fitness meets unparalleled results.

2022: The Bronx Voted LA Fitness Best Extreme Sports Facility!

LA Fitness
1776 Eastchester Rd
(917) 634-5609lafitness.com

The fitness required for an extreme sport is ultimate. You’ll get that extensive training time in at LA Fitness. Work out all the different muscles under the guidance of expert fitness coaches. It’s the kind of place where you will feel the freedom to challenge yourself, both physically and psychologically, and to push your limit, to gain stamina and confidence to enjoy your extreme sports to the maximum. Extreme sports training for your next skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, or mountain biking session requires a gym with pro staff that helps you meet your ultimate fitness goal. Rev up in a hearty extreme sports class run by professional trainers that make it challenging and fun. Get excited to heighten your skill level after a few workouts at LA Fitness, in a space where everybody is rooting for you to achieve your ultimate best extreme sports performance!