2023: Bronx Voted Bronx Driving School Best Driving School!

Bronx Driving School
1213 Castle Hill Ave
(718) 409-0171 – bronxdriving.com

Don’t get behind the wheel with a novice driver who hasn’t been trained by the city’s top driving instructor. You will find outstanding choices at Bronx Driving School. The opportunity to master the lifelong, life-preserving skills of defensive driving in a key state like New York where most road-wise challenges from urban, to suburban to rural and freeway navigation are routine experiences. When it’s your turn to take to the road make sure you have been taught by someone who prioritizes safety and confidence. The teaching of course will lead to passing your road test but its merits in providing you with every challenge you might encounter in all driving situations is priceless. Register today to learn from one of the Bronx Driving School instructors not just to pass the road test but to become the motorist you yourself feel confident with taking you from your destination to destination safely and efficiently.

2022: Bronx Voted Gotham Driving School Best Driving School!

Gotham Driving School
5810 Mosholu Ave
(718) 879-3340 – www.gothamdriving.com

New York City driving requires a steely determination to excel at the most basic maneuvers including becoming a parallel parking expert while knowing how to identify poor positioning and with pedestrian safety uppermost when at the wheel. Learn this life skill at Gotham Driving School. Learn, practice, and excel at every maneuver that defines a skillful driver under the guarded eye of professional driving teachers that know how to help you shake out those beginner driver nerves, and become a level-headed, calm, attentive, A-plus operator of your motor vehicle. The driving school works with clients to make sure they have a schedule that works in their personal and professional lives, plenty of road test practice, and are capable of quickly interpreting traffic patterns, roadsigns, and transitions, and prepared for unexpected situations as a lifelong driver.