2023: Bronx Voted BrutalBoxx Best Crossfit!

170 W 233rd St
(201) 564-5151 – brutalboxx.com

BrutalBoxx stands as the Bronx’s unrivaled CrossFit powerhouse, reshaping fitness paradigms with relentless dedication and cutting-edge training. This gym transcends boundaries, offering a dynamic space where members forge strength, endurance, and community. Led by expert trainers, BrutalBoxx tailors workouts to diverse fitness levels, ensuring everyone finds their path to transformation. With state-of-the-art facilities and an unwavering commitment to excellence, BrutalBoxx emerges as the ultimate CrossFit haven in the Bronx. Beyond workouts, it fosters a culture of empowerment, making every drop of sweat a step toward unparalleled fitness achievement in this dynamic and results-driven fitness haven.

2022: Bronx Voted BrutalBoxx Best Crossfit!

1753 Jerome Ave
(201) 564-5151 – www.brutalboxx.com

BrutalBoxx is here for all your New Year’s resolution needs. The best crossfit in the Bronx, BrutalBoxx combines cross training, strength training, HIIT, weightlifting, running, rowing and more, making it adaptable for all levels of fitness, while also concentrating on different workout regimens to push clients to their limits.