2023: Bronx Voted Morris Park Bake Shop Best Coffee Cake!

Morris Park Bake Shop
1007 Morris Park Ave
(718) 892-4968 – facebook.com/morris-park-bake-shop-196237983770340

Enter the esteemed realm of Morris Park Bake Shop, where the spotlight graciously falls upon their illustrious coffee cake. This distinguished bakery, nestled in a bastion of culinary excellence, has masterfully curated a coffee cake that transcends conventional boundaries. Each discerning bite unveils a symphony of textures, as the impeccably moist cake harmoniously interlaces with layers of meticulously balanced cinnamon streusel. The crowning glory is an ethereal, crumbly topping, generously imbued with the richness of butter. Morris Park Bake Shop’s coffee cake is not merely a confection; it stands as a venerable tradition, venerated by local patrons and gastronomic aficionados alike. Whether paired with matutinal coffee or savored during the vespertine repast, this coffee cake epitomizes the bakery’s commitment to producing unparalleled, unforgettable creations that have entrenched themselves as venerable fixtures in the hearts of its discerning clientele.

2022: Bronx Voted La Giralda Bakery Best Coffee Cake!

La Giralda Bakery
1035 E 163rd St
(718) 991-8120

For a morning bite, head to La Giralda Bakery. Their coffee cake was voted best in the Bronx this year and is proven to compliment any beverage on the bakery’s drink menu. La Giralda specializes in cakes and pastries at both its 1035 East 163rd Street and 1045 Westchester Avenue locations. Too cold or tired to leave the house? Giralda’s also delivers with DoorDash and Uber Eats.