2023: Bronx Voted China Palace Restaurant Best Chinese Restaurant!

China Palace Restaurant
3014 Middletown Rd
(718) 828-5888 – chinapalaceny.com

Celebrate the pinnacle of Chinese cuisine at China Palace Restaurant, crowned as the best Chinese restaurant in the Bronx. With a legacy spanning years, this culinary gem has become a beloved institution, capturing the hearts of locals and earning the prestigious title through its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. China Palace Restaurant’s menu is a symphony of flavors, featuring fan-favorite dishes like General Tso’s Chicken, a perfect balance of crispy and saucy perfection, and savory Pork Dumplings that melt in your mouth. Their mastery extends to classic dishes like Beef and Broccoli, a comforting rendition that showcases their culinary expertise. For years, China Palace Restaurant has been a culinary cornerstone, offering not just a meal but an authentic journey through Chinese flavors. From the moment you step through their doors, you embark on a gastronomic adventure that has rightfully earned them the title of the best Chinese restaurant in the Bronx.

2022: The Bronx Voted Happy Garden Best Chinese Restaurant!

Happy Garden
706 Morris Park Ave
(718) 409-1471 – sesame.menu/home

It can be hard to stand out as a Chinese restaurant in a city that is full of them, but Van Nest’s Happy Garden’s Orange Chicken, Sesame Beef, and Szechuan Hot Plate dishes are considered some of the best in the city. The family-owned restaurant has received compliments for its friendly and efficient staff and consistency in both its Asian and American-style dishes. One longtime patron said Happy Garden’s “quick delivery and good food” has kept him calling since 2003.