2022: The Bronx Voted Fancy Feet Dance Studio Best Children’s Dance School!

Fancy Feet Dance Studio
1306 Unionport Rd
(347) 691-3443fancyfeet.com

Fancy Feet Dance School is where young tappers, ballet, and jazz students learn from a talented, kind staff that wants them to have fun and improve their technique, make new friends, and feel more confident! Your child will fall in love with dance at this studio thanks to the dedication of the instructors that want simply to provide a happy place to become their very best dancing selves. The classes are so engaging you might even have trouble hiding your shimmy or a sidestep, even if they’ve never taken a single dancing lesson. Nothing is more exciting than watching your children learn their steps from people that cater to their individuality and skill level. It’s time to enroll your child in a Fancy Feet program taught in a comfortable and encouraging space!