2023: Bronx Voted HBP Best Charity!

1428 Zerega Ave
(718) 863-1300 – hbpreligiousprogram.com

HBP (Helping Bronx Prosper) stands as the epitome of altruism and community support, earning its esteemed title as the Bronx’s best charity. Committed to fostering positive change and addressing the diverse needs of the community, HBP is a beacon of hope and assistance for those in need. What sets HBP apart is its multifaceted approach to charity work, providing vital resources, educational opportunities, and social services to uplift the Bronx community. Through dedicated outreach programs, HBP extends a helping hand to individuals and families facing challenges, fostering empowerment and resilience. As the Bronx’s best charity, HBP’s impact is felt far and wide, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to creating a brighter, more equitable future for all. With a passionate team and unwavering dedication, HBP continues to embody the spirit of giving, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those it serves.

2022: The Bronx Voted Children’s Aid Society Best Charity! (Tie)

Children’s Aid Society
1021 Jennings St
(347) 767-2200childrensaidnyc.org

Children’s Aid is a professional powerhouse of solutions for young people with a central message: young people have the best chance to rise above the barriers of poverty when they succeed academically. The organization is filled with a team of teachers and social workers, coaches, and health care providers engaging local youth in academic and social-emotional learning and support, as well as health programs and tools for parents and guardians in the Bronx’s more underserved areas.

2022: The Bronx Voted Huntington Free Library Best Charity! (Tie)

Huntington Free Library
9 Westchester Square
(347) 266-1587 – huntingtonfreelibrary.com

Opened in 1871 with the mission to provide a place where all persons without distinction of race or creed may assemble for the purpose of reading, study, education and self improvement, the Huntington Free Library continues to uphold this promise more than 150 years later. Cozy up with a new book, attend one of the many free public events, or simply stop by to learn a bit more about the rich history of this historic and storied charity organization…The Huntington Free library welcomes all bibliophiles with open arms. To boot, the Library has maintained a robust variety of historic records for Bronx County that are waiting to be pored over and rediscovered!