2023: Bronx Voted Astor Prime Meat Market Best Butcher!

Astor Prime Meat Market
1117 Astor Ave
(718) 882-1177

Contact your favorite fine dining restaurant and ask them where they supply their meat. Many popular establishments might tell you Astor Prime Meat Market is the best around. Regular customers remember growing up going in with their parents or grandparents and being stunned seeing visual fresh cut feast they later smelled simmering in the Sunday sauce or other great family recipe. The owners don’t skimp on quality and have amassed a team of expert butchers to supply the city’s best kitchens. Astor meats are no doubt part of many Bronx family celebrations. The store is a true and rare gem with top-quality service and competitive prices. A family-owned business serves generations of families making Astor a rare area fixture that reminds discerning cooks to carry on the generations-old tradition to always be sure to supply your table with a meat entree from a local shop like Astor whose expertise puts it a cut above any supermarket around.

2022: Bronx Voted Vincent’s Meat Market Best Butcher!

Vincent’s Meat Market
2374 Arthur Ave
(718) 295-9048 – vincentsmeatmarket.com

Having a barbecue? Holiday get-together? Cooking your favorite beef stew or Sunday Sauce? Go into the area’s popular butcher to select from the finest steaks, chops, and more at Vincent’s Meat Market. The neighborhood butcher gets high marks for efficient and courteous counter service while watching the pros will make you salivate over the fresh steaks, meats, and chops, laid out in a dazzling array. Here is where you can thank this Arthur Avenue staple for keeping the meat market alive in the Bronx and unforgettable. No dinner table supplied with fresh cuts from Vincent’s is one your family or friends will likely forget. Vincent’s fills a meat shopper’s wish list. Customers go to the specialized meat market because they know they can buy higher quality meat from a business that personally picks their own suppliers. They love the personalized service from a butcher that knows their preferences, and most of all the hand-trimmed meat that will star on their dinner table.